Pixelation idea

One word poster

I have looked into pixelation and looked at the point where images are stretched yet still be recognisable. In particular I looked at images of people and if I zoom in using Photoshop, the picture is then unrecognisable.

My idea of the poster is to have an ant with the “O” acting as a magnify glass and the “OO” will be bigger than the other letters. I chose to have an ant to feature on my poster so it connotes to size and how ants are small and the process of zooming in.

I didn’t know how to place a faint grid on the image I created (the word zoom with an ant background) so I screenshot the view of me zooming into the poster. This created a faint grid over the image and when I test print it, the image is still legible, where at a distance it appears fine, whilst at arms length I can see pixel squares, this is the appearance I wanted to achieve.

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