Lecture – Monday 17th October 2011 – Rob Hillier

Type classification:

1407 – illuminated manuscript, monks handwrote it. “Black letter” reders to the first Guttenberg printing use

Humanist/ (Venetian):

– used by Italian Venetian writers, loads of Italian writers at that time. E.g. Nicholas Jensen designed type. Lighter, open form

– if the ‘e’ bar is at an angle then it is humanist

– Centaur is a modern version of Nicholas Jensen

Old face/ (old style)/ (geralde):

– Garamond (produced around 1615)

– serif more of a wedge shape

– “I love typography” website

– more upright stress

– horizontal cross bar

– monoling figures

– Bembo typeface

Traditional/ (neoclassic):

– Baskerville

– “O” is tilted upright

– ascender (head) serifs less wedge shape

– modern example of Baskerville in use, Habitat logo

Modern/ (didone):

– Bodoni

– magazine fronts always seem to be in modern e.g. Vogue, Elle

Slab serif/ (egyptian)/ (square serif):

– Rockwell font

– Clarendon is not a slab serif because there are curves

– modern version of slab serif is Archer

San serif/ (lineale)/ (grotesque):

– Arial font early 1990’s which was a Windows copy

– ilovetypography.com, google type anatomy

– 8 page document, text provided




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