Feedback for one word posters

One word poster

 Start poster feedback: Confusing in that the runner image is too bold and overpowers so maybe have less of the runner by moving the runner image higher and more of the start line. Make the start line more bold and weaken the background so the focus is on the word “Start”.

Personal response: I was going to make the background to be textured and then painted with maroon sand to represent the racing track and then paint the start line but I wasn’t sure if the idea was strong enough so i illustrated it on Adobe Illustrator. I think I am going to leave this idea because I prefer the other ideas I have and the way I have constructed it on the page looks rather like a 13 year old has made it. In addition, I think the start line concept actually exists in real life so it wouldn’t be inspirational.

Communicate poster feedback: This poster is good.

Personal response: I was going to have the “C” as the remainder of the telephone line but after speaking to tutors I chose the “C” to become the telephone hand piece. I was going to watercolour the whole piece but the card I used did not absorb water to the water colour paint deflected and I couldn’t create fine details which resulted for me to use pencil and pens. I don’t like this poster as much as the others because I find the pencil and pens looks like a child has done it (similar response to above).

Vanity poster feedback: Not immediately legible.

Personal response: This was the idea I liked the most because each of the individual letters were unique and that I created my own font. I thought I had created the idea of vanity being associated with plastic surgery to be unique as most people was just focused on the idea of mirror. The use of watercolour paints looks a bit weak so that’s why it looks illegible.

Zoom (1) poster feedback: There is too much going on with the bright red camera, the hand, the word zoom and zooming in.

Personal response: I agree with the feedback but I do like the concept but in this particular image shot the red camera and hand are overpowering.

Zoom (2) poster feedback: It’s distracting that there is the Photoshop application frame around it, but I think you have it where it’s zooming in close.

Personal response: I agree with the zooming in concept and looking at my poster, maybe I should look into the process of pixelation and how images can be viewed and becomes blurred with pixelation.


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