Books I’ve borrowed and read

Book: The fundamentals of creative design

Author: Gavin Ambrose and Paul Harris

This book highlighted the key terms and aspects of design to me. I found this to be userful because as I studied A levels. I don’t have as much knowledge of terms compared to college students. The “golden section” was particularly interesting because I had seen a maths based television programme called “The code” on BBC and it felt good that my knowledge from elsewhere can help in another.

Book: Logo

Author: Michael Evamy

The logo book had many logos I didn’t recognise because there were logos from across the world. I like the caption for the logos which described the nature of the business and the concept. In addition, I liked to figure out the logo before reading the caption to see whether the logos was self explantory, Most of the logos were just text but with different fonts but I prefer logos that are images and are self explanatory.

Book: Encylopedia of type

Author: Jaspert, Berry & Johnson

The book was litterally a huge gallery of fonts. It was interesting browsing the book because even if it is the same letter (26 characters) they can be represented in so many different ways to inflict different types of reactions and feelings. I knew that there were thousands of fonts but it felt more powerful to hold the thick book to realise the amount. Personally I would find it handy if I owned this book because it could inspire me and make a change to staring at a computer screen looking for fonts. Plus I prefer printed materials because it gives more of an impression to the final product than on a computer screen.


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