Photography skills

One word poster

I asked a friend that studies photography at NUCA for her expertise in capturing motion blur so that it will help me capture the effect of me tracing the word of “Trace” in the air. We set the shot outside the SU bar as it had a nice scenic background with grass and old brickwork. I stood in the shot and traced letters in the air whilst my friend was trying to capture the motion. However the shots were not sucessful because it did not capture the whole motion of the letter and it would take Photoshop skills beyond me to make the image fluid as one giant trace motion.

This is one of the many attempts of motion blur:

There I moved on even though personally I thought it was a strong idea itself, I couldn’t construct it in real life so I moved onto my other ideas. For the “Vanity” and “Communication” idea, I thought that I would hand draw and hand render the pieces because it would be difficult to achieve the overall appearance I want and I have poor Adobe Illustrator skills therefore by hand sketching/ rendering would take less time and personally I think it’ll look better.

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